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Our Services

We work on all aspects of digital. Your Privacy is important to us and we do not share your strategies in any circumstances infact most of our work has been done under non-disclosure agreements. Our services can be categorised into two kinds.

  1. Digital Products
  2. Digital Marketing

Digital Products

As a digital products company we can help you with the following:

  • Making the right product to go on digital be it a website to a complicated ecommerce portal, be it just a page on Facebook to a more complicated engagement app, be it a web based product to something more complicated on mobile
  • We can help you develop your new product or help improve your existing product/website
  • We can help non-digital services/products to go digital
  • And all this at no cost-escalation, you can have your own team or use our resources and you pay directly in each case. We charge you for our consulting services and not commission/profit on development cost hence any cost benefit is directly yours. And we can work with your existing team

Digital Marketing

In Digital marketing we not only help you get new customers/traffic b ut can also help you retain them. Our marketing services are as follows but the list is not limited to this

  • Develop your digital marketing strategies, analyse it and improvise it
  • We work on all aspects of digital ranging from desktop, mobile to application marketing
  • We work on Google Ads, PR & Communications, Social Media, Display Ad, Contextual ad, content marketing, PR & Communications among others
  • We can do viral marketing and teasers or direct promotion activities as well
  • We can help non-digital brands go digital and make your 1st time strategy
  • we can also help existing brands on digital to make their campaigns more effective

And we can do all of the above and more not as an agency but your own digital marketing team.